Description - Art in Theory - The West in the World - An Anthology of Changing Ideas by P Wood

A ground-breaking new anthology in the Art in Theory series, offering an examination of the changing relationships between the West and the wider world in the field of art and material culture

Art in Theory: The West in the World is a ground-breaking anthology that comprehensively examines the relationship of Western art to the art and material culture of the wider world. Editors Paul Wood and Leon Wainwright have included 370 texts, some of which appear in English for the first time.

The anthologized texts are presented in eight chronological parts, which are then subdivided into key themes appropriate to each historical era. The majority of the texts are representations of changing ideas about the cultures of the world by European artists and intellectuals, but increasingly, as the modern period develops, and especially as colonialism is challenged, a variety of dissenting voices begin to claim their space, and a counter narrative to western hegemony develops. Over half the book is devoted to 20th and 21st century materials, though the book's unique selling point is the way it relates the modern globalization of art to much longer cultural histories.

As well as the anthologized material, Art in Theory: The West in the World contains:

  • A general introduction discussing the scope of the collection
  • Introductory essays to each of the eight parts, outlining the main themes in their historical contexts
  • Individual introductions to each text, explaining how they relate to the wider theoretical and political currents of their time

Intended for a wide audience, the book is essential reading for students on courses in art and art history. It will also be useful to specialists in the field of art history and readers with a general interest in the culture and politics of the modern world.

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