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Upright Thinkers: The Human Journey from Living in Trees to Understanding the Cosmos The

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Published: June 2016
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BIC Subject: Psychology
Published By: Penguin
Published: 27-Jun-2016
Format: Paperback, 352 pages,
ISBN: 9780141981017
Stock Code: 1981017
Product Description

In this illuminating work, Leonard Mlodinow guides us through the critical eras and events in the development of science, all of which, he demonstrates, were propelled forward by humankind's collective struggle to know. From the birth of reasoning and culture to the formation of the studies of physics, chemistry, biology, and modern-day quantum physics, we come to see that much of our progress can be attributed to simple questions - why? how? - bravely asked. At once authoritative and accessible, and infused with the author's trademark wit, this deeply insightful book is a stunning tribute to humanity's intellectual curiosity.

'The Upright Thinkers playfully tracks the evolution of man's understanding of the world over millions of years - beginning with our ingenious ancestors who smashed stones to create tools, and concluding with the 20th-century German physicists whose 'quantum revolution' led to computers . . . accessible and engaging.' Jamie Waters, Financial Times

'An entrancing tale of scientific history.' Marcia Bartusiak, Washington Post

'This is an audacious encapsulation of our species' trek from savannah to city ... a tale of hope and glory.' Barbara Kiser, Nature

'Mlodinow is an engaging narrator who leavens the proceedings with a mischievous wit.' Alan Hirshfeld, Wall Street Journal

'Mlodinow vividly traces the revolutions in thought and culture that define our civilization.' V. S. Ramachandran, author of The Tell-Tale Brain

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