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Nations in the News: China

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Published: March 2020
For Ages: Secondary
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Published: 01-Mar-2020
Format: Hardback, 112 pages, 235x170mm
ISBN: 9781422242445
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China has become a global leader in the 21st century, relying on its military, economy, and diplomacy to exert influence and become a superpower. With a billion and a half people, China's population is the largest in the world today. The country is one of the most advanced, enjoying the fruits of a technology industry that has grown to become second to none. But progress has not been universal, as many ethnic groups throughout China suffer repression, and the Communist Party maintains its iron grip on authority and information. At a time when the economy is booming and prosperity is growing. China has nevertheless come under scrutiny for its appalling human rights record and its persistent bullying of neighbors.

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