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Justice League: Set of 8 Books

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Published: March 2018
For Ages: Ages 7-9+
Retail Price: $87.92
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Illustrator: Tim Levins
Category: /
Published By: Capstone
Published: 01-Mar-2018
Format: Paperback, 88 pages, 191x133mm
Product Description
Amazo arrives on Earth with a plan to solve all its problems by wiping out its entire population! All that stands in his way is Superman, Green Lantern, Plastic Man, and the rest of the Justice League. Can the world's greatest team of super heroes shut down the superpower duplicating android before it's too late? Or will Amazo flip the switch on a total planetary reboot?

Titles in the Set:
Amazo and the Planetary Reboot ----- 978149 6551641

Darkseid and the Fires of Apokolips ----- 978149 6551658

Injustice Gang and the Deadly Nightshade ----- 978149 6551665

Starro and the Cyberspore ----- 978149 6551672

The Joker and Harley Quinn’s Justice League Jailhouse ----- 978149 6559876

Gorilla Grodd and the Primate Protocol ----- 978149 6559869

Black Adam and the Eternity War ----- 978149 6559883

Bizarro and the Doppelgängers of Doom ----- 978149 6559890
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