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Billie B Mysteries: TWO Billie B Mysteries! - Set of 3

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Published: July 2019
For Ages: Ages 5+
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Published: 25-Jul-2019
Format: Paperback, 192 pages, 200x130
Product Description
TWO mysterious mysteries in one big Billie B Brown book!
Billie has started a secret mystery club with her friends. There are lots of mysteries to solve!

Playground Detectives: Billie and the Secret Mystery Club have a new case to solve. Who has put leaves in Lola's sandwich? It's a real mystery. Soon everyone suspects Benny, but could they have the wrong kid? It's up to the SMC to find the real culprit!
Strawberry Thief: Someone has stolen all of the ripe strawberries from Mika's garden! The Secret Mystery Club is determined to work out who it was. Could it have been the gardener? Or was it the neighbours who just made a batch of strawberry jam? Whoever it was, they won't get far - not with the SMC on the case.

A Billie B Mystery is a spin-off series featuring the same cast of favourite characters from the best-selling Billie B Brown junior fiction series.

Titles in the Set:
Stolen Stash Treasure ----- 978176 0504656
Spooky House and Code Breakers ----- 978176 0504632
Playground Detectives and Strawberry Thief ----- 978176 0504649
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