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Description - Flashpoint: The 10th Anniversary Omnibus by Geoff Johns

Barry Allen is a hero. His work for the Central City Police Department saves lives, and he has solved numerous criminal cases. As the Flash, he protects the innocent and battles evil. He is the Fastest Man Alive! Or he was...

The Flash's world has changed, and the whole DC Universe with it. Even the Fastest Man Alive can run out of time, and if there is to be anything left of the past, present, or future, Barry Allen must learn the secret of...FLASHPOINT!

Barry Allen awoke in a world he barely recognizes, but it isn't a trick or a parallel Earth. Something or someone has altered time, replacing Barry's world with a new one. And this new world is not a safe place.

The planet is on the brink of destruction as Wonder Woman and the Amazons wage war with Aquaman and the Atlanteans. A motley group of heroes is mounting a resistance, but in this world, heroes are hard to come by. No one has ever heard of the Flash, or the Justice League, or even Superman. Hal Jordan was never given a Green Lantern ring, and Bruce Wayne was killed in Crime Alley when he was just a little boy.

Without his powers or his friends to aid him, Barry reaches out to a new Batman to put the world right. If they fail, they'll never escape the twisted world of...FLASHPOINT!

Collecting the five-issue Flashpoint miniseries along with the prelude story from The Flash #8-12 and all 56 tie-in issues, Flashpoint Omnibus features a rogues gallery of comics talent including GEOFF JOHNS, ANDY KUBERT, BRIAN AZZARELLO, EDUARDO RISSO, SCOTT SNYDER, JEFF LEMIRE, GENE HA, DAN JURGENS, and more.

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