Description - Nutraceuticals Inspiring the Contemporary Therapy for Lifestyle Diseases by Mala Trivedi

In today's fast-paced and modern world, our lifestyles have undergone a dramatic shift. The conveniences and comforts that accompany our technological advancements have come at a cost – an increased prevalence of lifestyle diseases. Lack of physical activity, stress, sedentary habits, and poor dietary choices have become leading causes of a spurt in varied health complications such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Various health awareness programmes organized by central/state governments, private organizations, and NGOs from time to time have generated interest among common people in exploring organic foods that are free from chemicals and full of nutraceuticals. There has been a growing interest in exploring the potential of nutraceuticals to address lifestyle diseases.

Recognizing the urgent need to address this global health crisis, this book delves into a realm of science that offers immense potential for improving our health and well-being. Nutraceuticals, which combine "nutrition" with "pharmaceuticals," offer a promising strategy for treating certain conditions caused by a particular way of life. They include a variety of bioactive substances obtained from plants, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and marine organisms. Certain substances have therapeutic qualities and have shown significant promise in treating and even preventing certain disorders.


  • The chapters in this book have been meticulously curated to provide readers with a diverse range of perspectives.
  • Provides a comprehensive exploration of nutraceuticals and their potential benefits.
  • Examines the impact of specific nutraceuticals on various lifestyle diseases to discuss their synergistic effects and potential adverse reactions.
  • Each chapter offers valuable insights and practical guidance for healthcare professionals, researchers, and individuals seeking to enhance their overall well-being.
  • A systematic overview of the state-of-the-art in nutraceuticals with recent research results.

This book will certainly be a valuable resource for researchers engaged in studies on nutraceuticals to develop a depth of understanding of the latest trends and tools in this field. Additionally, it can serve as a comprehensive textbook for graduate-level courses in food and nutrition, biomedical, and health sciences.

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