Description - The Living Light Dialogue Volume 6: Spiritual Awareness Classes of the Living Light Philosophy by Richard P Goodwin

This book is a series of spiritual awareness classes that were given through the spiritual mediumship of Mr. Richard P. Goodwin, the founder of the Serenity Association, and are part of the Living Light Philosophy. The classes cover a wide range of topics, including the relationship between our attitudes and our experiences, personal responsibility, divine laws that govern life, mental laws, the nature of thought, and how the mind works, to name a few. There are 47 complete classes of the philosophy. While each class appears to bring progressively higher teachings, each, nevertheless, stands by itself and is attuned to both the beginning as well as the advanced student. This series of classes were given to a group of students of the philosophy.

This book is the sixth volume in the series entitled The Living Light Dialogue, and many more are to be published. The Living Light Philosophy consists of the spiritual awareness classes, lectures, and discourses that were given through the spiritual mediumship of Mr. Goodwin and is one of personal responsibility and awareness. Any student of life will find in this philosophy, through the published books and audio recordings, the teachings necessary for the mind's awakening to the truth of the soul's eternal expression. The teaching in and of itself is a continuous flow. The Teacher, expressing through the mediumship of Mr. Goodwin, speaks of the neutrality of God, evolutionary incarnation, soul faculties and sense functions and their corresponding locations in the anatomy, the power of peace, the law that whatever happens to us is caused by us, and many other personally demonstrable laws which will constantly expand the student's awareness. These teachings are invaluable as tools to further your knowledge of the universal laws of life. The methods, discourses, and exercises given are useful, practical, and pertinent to your everyday living as well as to your higher aspirations.

This spiritual philosophy affirms that our soul, our true being, is inseparably a part of the Divine and reveals the spiritual laws and the divine laws that govern all life and how we may apply those laws for our greater health, wealth, and happiness. The very foundation of these spiritual teachings is the Law of Personal Responsibility, which states in part that we are responsible for all our experiences. By the laws that we establish with our thoughts, acts, and words, we are the creators of all our experiences in life. Our experiences in life are reflecting back to us where we are in consciousness. In this understanding, God is not a creator, but God is a divine, neutral, infinite intelligent energy that sustains all life. Another divine law that is emphasized is that like attracts like and becomes the Law of Attachment. In addition, great emphasis is place on understanding how our minds work, and how we may, through self-control, more effectively use our minds to accomplish our goals and experience the goodness of life. The philosophy helps us to discern between the thoughts of our mind and the gentle promptings of our soul. These spiritual teachings are filled with inspirational quotes, affirmations, spiritual sayings, and spiritual exercises. The Living Light Philosophy offers a path to a conscious awareness of our own divinity, but it is up to us to make the effort to walk that path.

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