Description - You & Me, Murrawee by Kerri Hashmi

A Timeless Tale Across Generations

'We walk this same brown earth - you and me, Murrawee . . . '

Take a journey through time and place, as you and your young ones get lost in this stunning picture book by Kerri Hashmi.

This eloquently written, beautifully observed tale captures life through the innocent eyes of a young girl camping with her family on the river, offering glimpses into a world as it might have existed two centuries ago.

Discover What Awaits
*Intriguing Storyline- The poetic narrative illuminates the shared connection we have with our land, and by extension, with each other.
*Stunning Illustrations- Vivid, full-page visuals make the journey come to life in your hands.
*Educational Depth- Embedded within the narrative are subtle lessons that foster respect for history and cultural heritage.

A Lesson in Heritage and Connection
Reading You & Me, Murrawee will enrich children's understanding of Australia's rich cultural history and promote a sense of shared heritage.

It encourages kids to ponder the notion that the very soil beneath their feet has stories to tell, lessons of unity, history, and human connection.

Why You'll Love You & Me, Murrawee
This book is more than just a tale to read at bedtime. It's a literary masterpiece that serves as a window into a time long gone, yet intrinsically connected to the present moment.

Dive in and discover the land you call home, and share the richness of its stories with the next generation.

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