Human geography

Arctic Archaeology by Peter Rowley-Conwy Arctic Archaeology
Paperback , Feb '99
RRP: $69.99 $69.29
The Geography of Transport Systems by Jean-Paul Rodrigue The Geography of Transport Systems
Paperback , May '20
RRP: $116.00 $114.84
Humanities for the Environment by Joni Adamson Humanities for the Environment
Paperback , Jun '18
RRP: $92.99 $92.06
Home by Alison Blunt Home
Paperback , May '22
RRP: $75.99 $75.23
Tradition, Performance, and Religion in Native America by Dennis Kelley Tradition, Performance, and...
Hardback , Mar '15
RRP: $273.00 $270.27
New Mobilities and Social Changes in Russia's Arctic Regions by Marlene Laruelle New Mobilities and Social...
Paperback , Sep '20
RRP: $83.99 $83.15
Tourism Enterprises and the Sustainability Agenda Across Europe by David Leslie Tourism Enterprises and the...
Paperback , Nov '16
RRP: $103.00 $101.97
Resources, Social and Cultural Sustainabilities in the Arctic by Monica Tennberg Resources, Social and Cultural...
Hardback , Oct '19
RRP: $273.00 $270.27
The Peckham Experiment PBD by InnesH. Pearse The Peckham Experiment PBD
Paperback , Feb '09
RRP: $58.99 $58.40
Landscape, Environment and Technology in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa by Toyin Falola Landscape, Environment and...
Paperback , Sep '13
RRP: $110.00 $108.90
National Identity and Geopolitical Visions by Gertjan Dijink National Identity and Geopolitical Visions
Paperback , Nov '96
RRP: $110.00 $108.90
Performativity, Politics, and the Production of Social Space by Michael R. Glass Performativity, Politics,...
Hardback , Jan '14
RRP: $294.00 $291.06
Women, Work and Mobilities: The case of urban and regional contexts in Turkey by Nihan Akyelken Women, Work and Mobilities:...
Hardback , Sep '23
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
The Travels of an Alchemist by Li Chih-Ch'ang The Travels of an Alchemist
Paperback , Apr '14
RRP: $90.99 $90.08
Wal-Mart World by Stanley D. Brunn Wal-Mart World
Paperback , Aug '06
RRP: $112.00 $110.88
'Whither Regional Studies?' by Andy Pike 'Whither Regional Studies?'
Paperback , Jun '13
RRP: $90.99 $90.08
Gender, Sexuality and Identities of the Borderlands: Queering the Margins by Suzanne Clisby Gender, Sexuality and Identities...
Paperback , Nov '17
RRP: $81.99 $81.17
Gender, Space and Agency in India: Exploring Regional Genderscapes by Anindita Datta Gender, Space and Agency...
Paperback , Sep '23
RRP: $81.99 $81.17
Mega Events, Urban Transformations and Social Citizenship: A Multi-Disciplinary Analysis for An Epistemological Foresight by Naomi C. Hanakata Mega Events, Urban Transformations...
Hardback , Jul '22
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Picturing Place by Joan Schwartz Picturing Place
Paperback , Jan '03
RRP: $69.99 $69.29
The Geography of United States Poverty by Wendy Shaw The Geography of United States Poverty
Hardback , Nov '15
RRP: $273.00 $270.27
Rural Settlement in an Urban World by Michael Bunce Rural Settlement in an Urban World
Paperback , Nov '17
RRP: $52.99 $52.46
Domestic Wild: Memory, Nature and Gardening in Suburbia by Franklin Ginn Domestic Wild: Memory, Nature...
Hardback , Jul '16
RRP: $294.00 $291.06
The Urban Political Economy and Ecology of Automobility by Alan Walks The Urban Political Economy...
Hardback , Jul '14
RRP: $357.00 $353.43
Human Geography: The Basics by Andrew Jones Human Geography: The Basics
Hardback , Apr '12
RRP: $200.00 $198.00
Global Mobility and Higher Learning by Anatoly Oleksiyenko Global Mobility and Higher Learning
Hardback , Mar '18
RRP: $294.00 $291.06
COVID-19 Pandemic, Geospatial Information, and Community Resilience: Global Applications and Lessons by Abbas Rajabifard COVID-19 Pandemic, Geospatial...
Hardback , Jun '21
RRP: $336.00 $332.64
The Beach in Anglophone Literatures and Cultures: Reading Littoral Space by Ursula Kluwick The Beach in Anglophone Literatures...
Paperback , Dec '19
RRP: $83.99 $83.15
Debating the Neoliberal City by Gilles Pinson Debating the Neoliberal City
Paperback , Jan '19
RRP: $90.99 $90.08
The Routledge Handbook of Community Based Tourism Management: Concepts, Issues & Implications by Sandeep Kumar Walia The Routledge Handbook of...
Hardback , Dec '20
RRP: $452.00 $447.48
Intersectionality and Difference in Childhood and Youth: Global Perspectives by Nadia von Benzon Intersectionality and Difference...
Paperback , Dec '20
RRP: $83.99 $83.15
Transnational Ruptures: Gender and Forced Migration by Catherine Nolin Transnational Ruptures: Gender...
Paperback , Jun '20
RRP: $81.99 $81.17
Transnational Social Spaces: Agents, Networks and Institutions by Eyüp Özveren Transnational Social Spaces:...
Paperback , Jun '20
RRP: $81.99 $81.17
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