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Indonesian: A Comprehensive Grammar by James Neil Sneddon Indonesian: A Comprehensive Grammar
Paperback , Jun '10
RRP: $55.00 $54.45
Advances in Discourse Analysis of Translation and Interpreting: Linking Linguistic Approaches with Socio-cultural Interpretation by Binhua Wang Advances in Discourse Analysis...
Hardback , Oct '20
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Quality in Teacher Education and Professional Development: Chinese and German Perspectives by John Chi-Kin Lee Quality in Teacher Education...
Paperback , May '23
RRP: $81.99 $81.17
A Frequency Dictionary of Korean by Sun-Hee Lee A Frequency Dictionary of Korean
Hardback , Aug '16
RRP: $368.00 $364.32
French Women Orientalist Artists, 1861–1956: Cross-Cultural Contacts and Depictions of Difference by Mary Kelly French Women Orientalist...
Hardback , Jul '21
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
A Cultural Dictionary of The Chinese Language: 500 Proverbs, Idioms and Maxims 文化五百条 by Liwei Jiao A Cultural Dictionary of...
Paperback , Nov '19
RRP: $101.00 $99.99
Literary Translation Research in China by Roberto A. Valdeón Literary Translation Research in China
Hardback , May '23
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Nominal Pluralization and Countability in African Varieties of English by Susanne Mohr Nominal Pluralization and...
Hardback , Oct '21
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Language Practices and Processes among Latin Americans in Europe by Rosina Márquez Reiter Language Practices and Processes...
Hardback , Dec '22
RRP: $263.00 $260.37
Teaching and Testing Second Language Pragmatics and Interaction: A Practical Guide by Carsten Roever Teaching and Testing Second...
Paperback , Sep '21
RRP: $77.99 $77.21
Reported Speech in Chinese and English Newspapers: Textual and Pragmatic Functions by XIN Bin Reported Speech in Chinese...
Paperback , Jan '23
RRP: $79.99 $79.19
The Ethics of Humour in Online Slavic Media Communication by Lilia Duskaeva The Ethics of Humour in Online...
Hardback , Dec '21
RRP: $273.00 $270.27
Bolognese Instrumental Music, 1660 1710 by Gregory Barnett Bolognese Instrumental Music, 1660 1710
Paperback , Nov '16
RRP: $110.00 $108.90
Chinese Language and Culture Education: Representation, Imagination and Ideology of China in Australian Schools by Chunyan Zhang Chinese Language and Culture...
Hardback , Apr '24
RRP: $273.00 $270.27
Español académico como LE/L2: destrezas, competencias y movilidad universitaria by Susana Pastor Cesteros Español académico como LE/L2:...
Hardback , Sep '22
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
The Routledge Handbook of Pidgin and Creole Languages by Umberto Ansaldo The Routledge Handbook of...
Hardback , Nov '20
RRP: $462.00 $457.38
Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar: A Practical Guide by John Whitlam Modern Brazilian Portuguese...
Paperback , Dec '22
RRP: $96.99 $96.02
Historical Linguistics and Endangered Languages: Exploring Diversity in Language Change by Patience Epps Historical Linguistics and...
Hardback , Jul '21
RRP: $315.00 $311.85
Cultural Learning Styles in Language Education: A Special Reference to Asian Learning Styles by Lynne N. Li Cultural Learning Styles...
Hardback , May '22
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Routledge Course in Modern Mandarin Chinese Level 2 Traditional by Claudia Ross Routledge Course in Modern...
Hardback , Jun '17
RRP: $378.00 $374.22
社会视角 Social Perspective: An Intermediate-Advanced Chinese Course: Volume II by Yi Ning 社会视角 Social Perspective:...
Paperback , Dec '21
RRP: $75.99 $75.23
Online Collaborative Translation in China and Beyond: Community, Practice, and Identity by Chuan Yu Online Collaborative Translation...
Hardback , Nov '22
RRP: $263.00 $260.37
Social Networking Approach to Japanese Language Teaching: The Intersection of Language and Culture in the Digital Age by Yasu-Hiko Tohsaku Social Networking Approach...
Hardback , Mar '21
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
The Portuguese Subjunctive: A Grammar Workbook by Luís Gomes The Portuguese Subjunctive: A Grammar Workbook
Hardback , Oct '21
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
German Temporal Semantics: Three-Dimensional Tense Logic and a GPSG Fragment by John A. Nerbonne German Temporal Semantics:...
Paperback , Feb '18
RRP: $75.99 $75.23
Translation and Literature in East Asia: Between Visibility and Invisibility by Jieun Kiaer Translation and Literature...
Hardback , May '19
RRP: $103.00 $101.97
Colloquial Persian: The Complete Course for Beginners by Abdi Rafiee Colloquial Persian: The Complete...
Paperback , Oct '23
RRP: $94.99 $94.04
Modern Chinese Complex Sentences IV: General Review by XING Fuyi Modern Chinese Complex Sentences...
Hardback , Jun '23
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Competency-Based Teacher Education for English as a Foreign Language: Theory, Research, and Practice by Amber Yayin Wang Competency-Based Teacher...
Paperback , May '23
RRP: $81.99 $81.17
Georgian: A Comprehensive Grammar by Tinatin Bolkvadze Georgian: A Comprehensive Grammar
Hardback , Jun '23
RRP: $263.00 $260.37
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