Language teaching & learning (other than ELT)

Indonesian: A Comprehensive Grammar by James Neil Sneddon Indonesian: A Comprehensive Grammar
Paperback , Jun '10
RRP: $55.00 $54.45
The Art of the Lie: How the Manipulation of Language Affects Our Minds by Marcel Danesi The Art of the Lie: How the...
Paperback , Oct '19
RRP: $36.99 $35.51
Advances in Discourse Analysis of Translation and Interpreting: Linking Linguistic Approaches with Socio-cultural Interpretation by Binhua Wang Advances in Discourse Analysis...
Hardback , Oct '20
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
A Sociolinguistics of the South by Kathleen Heugh A Sociolinguistics of the South
Hardback , Jul '21
RRP: $263.00 $260.37
Rethinking Languages Education by Ruth Arber Rethinking Languages Education
Hardback , Nov '20
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Introducción a la lexicografía en español: Funciones y aplicaciones by Antoni Nomdedeu-Rull Introducción a la lexicografía...
Hardback , Mar '24
RRP: $273.00 $270.27
The Tragic Histories of Mary Queen of Scots, 1560-1690: Rhetoric, Passions and Political Literature by John D. Staines The Tragic Histories of Mary...
Paperback , Oct '18
RRP: $98.99 $98.00
Colloquial Japanese: The Complete Course for Beginners by Junko Ogawa Colloquial Japanese: The...
Hardback , Sep '18
RRP: $273.00 $270.27
Enhancing Beginner-Level Foreign Language Education for Adult Learners: Language Instruction, Intercultural Competence, Technology, and Assessment by Ekaterina Nemtchinova Enhancing Beginner-Level...
Paperback , Dec '22
RRP: $73.99 $73.25
Colloquial Japanese by Junko Ogawa Colloquial Japanese
Paperback , Aug '15
RRP: $84.99 $84.14
Complexity in Second Language Study Emotions: Emergent Sensemaking in Social Context by Richard J. Sampson Complexity in Second Language...
Hardback , Jun '22
RRP: $105.00 $103.95
Language, Nations, and Multilingualism: Questioning the Herderian Ideal by Ying-Ying Tan Language, Nations, and Multilingualism:...
Hardback , Dec '20
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Online Chinese Learning: Exploring Effective Language Learning Strategies by Lijuan Chen Online Chinese Learning:...
Hardback , Feb '24
RRP: $273.00 $270.27
Community Care in England and France: Reforms and the Improvement of Equity and Efficiency by Bleddyn Davies Community Care in England...
Hardback , Aug '18
RRP: $221.00 $218.79
Chinese–English Interpreting and Intercultural Communication by Jim Hlavac Chinese–English Interpreting...
Paperback , Sep '21
RRP: $83.99 $83.15
German and English: Academic Usage and Academic Translation by Dirk Siepmann German and English: Academic...
Hardback , Nov '20
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Russian Syntax for Advanced Students by Marina Rojavin Russian Syntax for Advanced Students
Paperback , May '22
RRP: $77.99 $77.21
Nantong Chinese by Benjamin Ao Nantong Chinese
Paperback , Aug '22
RRP: $81.99 $81.17
Teaching Second Language Writing by Charlene Polio Teaching Second Language Writing
Paperback , Aug '17
RRP: $75.99 $75.23
Modernity, Print and Sahitya: The Making of a New Literary Culture, 1866-1919 by Sumanyu Satpathy Modernity, Print and Sahitya:...
Hardback , Sep '23
RRP: $273.00 $270.27
Language Contact and the Origins of the Germanic Languages by Peter Schrijver Language Contact and the...
Hardback , Oct '13
RRP: $305.00 $301.95
Active Listening by Michael Rost Active Listening
Hardback , Jul '17
RRP: $378.00 $374.22
Engagement in Medical Research Discourse: A Multisemiotic Approach to Dialogic Positioning by Daniel Lees Fryer Engagement in Medical Research...
Hardback , Sep '21
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
A Transdisciplinary Approach to Chinese and Japanese Language Teaching: Collaborative Pedagogy Across Languages, Disciplines, Communities, and Borders by Nobuko Chikamatsu A Transdisciplinary Approach...
Hardback , Mar '23
RRP: $263.00 $260.37
The Languages of Japan and Korea by Nicolas Tranter The Languages of Japan and Korea
Paperback , May '17
RRP: $92.99 $92.06
Locality in Grammar: From Narrow Syntax to Interfaces by Xiaoshi HU Locality in Grammar: From...
Hardback , May '24
RRP: $273.00 $270.27
The Bantu Languages by Mark Van de Velde The Bantu Languages
Hardback , Feb '19
RRP: $452.00 $447.48
Colonial Authority and Tamiḻ Scholarship: A Study of the First English Translations by C T Indra Colonial Authority and Tamiḻ...
Hardback , Jul '23
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Doing Corpus Linguistics by Eniko Csomay Doing Corpus Linguistics
Hardback , Feb '24
RRP: $273.00 $270.27
Communicating Linguistics: Language, Community and Public Engagement by Hazel Price Communicating Linguistics:...
Hardback , Jan '23
RRP: $263.00 $260.37
Communication and Skill by Bill VanPatten Communication and Skill
Paperback , Aug '17
RRP: $75.99 $75.23
The Routledge Handbook of Materials Development for Language Teaching by Julie Norton The Routledge Handbook of...
Hardback , Mar '22
RRP: $452.00 $447.48
Manual de fonética e fonologia da língua portuguesa by Willis C. Fails Manual de fonética e fonologia...
Hardback , Oct '21
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
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