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Queering the Museum by Nikki Sullivan Queering the Museum
Paperback , Jun '21
RRP: $41.99 $41.57
Managing Natural Science Collections: A Guide to Strategy, Planning and Resourcing by Robert Huxley Managing Natural Science...
Paperback , Jul '20
RRP: $69.99 $69.29
Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction by Adam Jones Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction
Paperback , Dec '23
RRP: $96.99 $96.02
Museum Materialities by Sandra Dudley Museum Materialities
Paperback , Nov '09
RRP: $79.99 $79.19
Museum and Gallery Publishing: From Theory to Case Study by Sarah Hughes Museum and Gallery Publishing:...
Paperback , Mar '21
RRP: $83.99 $83.15
A History of Participation in Museums and Archives: Traversing Citizen Science and Citizen Humanities by Per Hetland A History of Participation...
Hardback , Mar '20
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Cultural Heritage and the Challenge of Sustainability by Diane Barthel-Bouchier Cultural Heritage and the...
Hardback , Nov '12
RRP: $305.00 $301.95
Cultures of the Countryside by Veronica Sekules Cultures of the Countryside
Hardback , Nov '17
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Practical Considerations for Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage by Michelle L. Stefano Practical Considerations...
Paperback , Jul '21
RRP: $77.99 $77.21
Museum Revolutions by Simon Knell Museum Revolutions
Paperback , Aug '07
RRP: $105.00 $103.95
Museums and the Act of Witnessing by Ross J. Wilson Museums and the Act of Witnessing
Hardback , Oct '21
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Migrating Heritage by Perla Innocenti Migrating Heritage
Hardback , Mar '14
RRP: $294.00 $291.06
Creating and Governing Cultural Heritage in the European Union: The European Heritage Label by Tuuli Lähdesmäki Creating and Governing Cultural...
Paperback , Dec '21
RRP: $83.99 $83.15
Cultural Mediation for Museums: Driving Audience Engagement by Michela Addis Cultural Mediation for Museums:...
Hardback , Jan '23
RRP: $96.99 $96.02
Changing Heritage: How Internal Tensions and External Pressures are Threatening Our Cultural and Natural Legacy by Francesco Bandarin Changing Heritage: How Internal...
Hardback , Apr '24
RRP: $273.00 $270.27
Museums and Community by Elizabeth Crooke Museums and Community
Paperback , Feb '08
RRP: $101.00 $99.99
Museums and Photography: Displaying Death by Elena Stylianou Museums and Photography: Displaying Death
Hardback , Dec '16
RRP: $315.00 $311.85
Museums in the New Mediascape by Jenny Kidd Museums in the New Mediascape
Paperback , Feb '17
RRP: $105.00 $103.95
Creativity and Learning in Later Life by Shari Sabeti Creativity and Learning in Later Life
Hardback , Nov '17
RRP: $326.00 $322.74
The Contemporary Museum by Simon Knell The Contemporary Museum
Hardback , Aug '18
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
The Cultural Turn in International Aid by Sophia Labadi The Cultural Turn in International Aid
Hardback , Sep '19
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Museums in the New Mediascape by Jenny Kidd Museums in the New Mediascape
Hardback , Sep '14
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Manual of Museum Management: For Museums in Dynamic Change by Gail Dexter Lord Manual of Museum Management:...
Hardback , Feb '24
RRP: $186.00 $178.56
Success on the Spectrum: Practical Strategies for Engaging Neurodiverse Audiences in Arts and Cultural Organizations by Emily Wiskera Success on the Spectrum:...
Paperback , Feb '24
RRP: $95.99 $92.15
Inward, Outward, Onward, Upward: A Lifelong Journey Towards Anti-Oppression and Inclusion in Museums by Cecile Shellman Inward, Outward, Onward,...
Hardback , Jun '24
RRP: $137.00 $131.51
Diversity and Philanthropy at African American Museums: Black Renaissance by Patricia A. Banks Diversity and Philanthropy...
Hardback , Apr '19
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Challenging History in the Museum by Jenny Kidd Challenging History in the Museum
Paperback , Dec '17
RRP: $77.99 $77.21
Difficult Heritage by Sharon Macdonald Difficult Heritage
Hardback , Nov '08
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Conserving Cultural Landscapes by Ken Taylor Conserving Cultural Landscapes
Hardback , Oct '14
RRP: $315.00 $311.85
Collaborative Access to Virtual Museum Collection Information by John J Riemer Collaborative Access to Virtual...
Paperback , Jul '05
RRP: $75.99 $75.23
Museums of the Arabian Peninsula: Historical Developments and Contemporary Discourses by Sarina Wakefield Museums of the Arabian Peninsula:...
Paperback , Aug '22
RRP: $83.99 $83.15
Museums, Modernity and Conflict: Museums and Collections in and of War since the Nineteenth Century by Kate Hill Museums, Modernity and Conflict:...
Paperback , May '22
RRP: $83.99 $83.15
Visualising the Empire of Capital by Martyn Hudson Visualising the Empire of Capital
Paperback , Mar '21
RRP: $83.99 $83.15
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