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The Art of Spiritual Care across Religious Difference: Revised Edition by Jill L. Snodgrass The Art of Spiritual Care...
Paperback , Mar '24
RRP: $97.99 $94.07
The 14th Dalai Lama: Peacekeeping and Universal Responsibility by Mario I. Aguilar The 14th Dalai Lama: Peacekeeping...
Paperback , Nov '20
RRP: $56.99 $56.42
Resisting Rape Culture: The Hebrew Bible and Hong Kong Sex Workers by Nancy Nam Hoon Tan Resisting Rape Culture: The...
Hardback , Oct '20
RRP: $103.00 $101.97
Arabs at Home and in the World: Human Rights, Gender Politics, and Identity by Karla McKanders Arabs at Home and in the...
Hardback , Jan '19
RRP: $273.00 $270.27
Evangelicalism, Piety and Politics: The Selected Writings of W.R. Ward by Andrew Chandler Evangelicalism, Piety and...
Paperback , Jun '21
RRP: $83.99 $83.15
Abuse in the Latin American Church: An Evolving Crisis at the Core of Catholicism by Véronique Lecaros Abuse in the Latin American...
Hardback , Nov '12
RRP: $273.00 $270.27
Gender, Church and State in Early Modern Germany: Essays by Merry E. Wiesner by Merry E. Wiesner Gender, Church and State...
Paperback , Oct '97
RRP: $141.00 $139.59
African Initiated Christianity and the Decolonisation of Development: Sustainable Development in Pentecostal and Independent Churches by Philipp Öhlmann African Initiated Christianity...
Hardback , Jan '20
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Trauma and the Supernatural in Psychotherapy: Working with the Curse Position in Clinical Practice by Alex Monk Trauma and the Supernatural...
Hardback , Jun '23
RRP: $273.00 $270.27
Ageing, Diversity and Equality: Social Justice Perspectives by Sue Westwood Ageing, Diversity and Equality:...
Paperback , Jun '20
RRP: $83.99 $83.15
An Epistemology of Religion and Gender: Biopolitics, Performativity and Agency by Ulrike E. Auga An Epistemology of Religion...
Hardback , Apr '20
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Cosmologies of Pure Realms and the Rhetoric of Pollution by Yohan Yoo Cosmologies of Pure Realms...
Hardback , May '21
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Sharing Friendship by John B. Thomson Sharing Friendship
Paperback , Mar '17
RRP: $90.99 $90.08
The Renaissance Ethics of Music by Hyun-Ah Kim The Renaissance Ethics of Music
Paperback , Mar '17
RRP: $83.99 $83.15
Spiritual Healing from Sexual Violence: An Intersectional Guide by Debra Meyers Spiritual Healing from Sexual...
Paperback , May '23
RRP: $62.99 $62.36
Biblical and Theological Visions of Resilience: Pastoral and Clinical Insights by Christopher C. H. Cook Biblical and Theological...
Hardback , Dec '19
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Incombustible Lutheran Books in Early Modern Germany by Avner Shamir Incombustible Lutheran Books...
Hardback , Jan '19
RRP: $273.00 $270.27
The Witchcraft Reader by Darren Oldridge The Witchcraft Reader
Hardback , Sep '19
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
State Law, Dispute Processing And Legal Pluralism: Unspoken Dialogues From Rural India by Kalindi Kokal State Law, Dispute Processing...
Hardback , Aug '19
RRP: $273.00 $270.27
A Story of YHWH by Shawn W. Flynn A Story of YHWH
Hardback , Sep '19
RRP: $273.00 $270.27
The Social Archaeology of Late Second Temple Judaea: From Purity, Burial, and Art, to Qumran, Herod, and Masada by Eyal Regev The Social Archaeology of...
Hardback , Jul '22
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Space, Time, and Presence in the Icon: Seeing the World with the Eyes of God by Clemena Antonova Space, Time, and Presence...
Paperback , Dec '21
RRP: $83.99 $83.15
The Anthropology of Religion by Peter Metcalf The Anthropology of Religion
Hardback , Nov '22
RRP: $263.00 $260.37
Developing Animal Theology: An Engagement with Leonardo Boff by Clair Linzey Developing Animal Theology:...
Hardback , Oct '21
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
What Is Right for Children? by Karen Worthington What Is Right for Children?
Hardback , Jul '09
RRP: $305.00 $301.95
Armenian Perspectives by Nicholas Awde Armenian Perspectives
Paperback , Feb '16
RRP: $67.99 $67.31
Religion, Discourse, and Society: Towards a Discursive Sociology of Religion by Marcus Moberg Religion, Discourse, and...
Hardback , Dec '21
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Religion in Los Angeles: Religious Activism, Innovation, and Diversity in the Global City by Richard Flory Religion in Los Angeles:...
Hardback , Apr '21
RRP: $284.00 $281.16
Bedouin and ‘Abbāsid Cultural Identities: The Arabic Majnūn Laylā Story by Ruqayya Yasmine Khan Bedouin and ‘Abbāsid Cultural...
Hardback , Oct '19
RRP: $273.00 $270.27
On Deification and Sacred Eloquence: Richard Rolle and Julian of Norwich by Louise Nelstrop On Deification and Sacred...
Hardback , Oct '19
RRP: $273.00 $270.27
The Spirituality of Anorexia: A Goddess Feminist Thealogy by Emma White The Spirituality of Anorexia:...
Paperback , Aug '20
RRP: $81.99 $81.17
Rule of St Benedict by Benjamin Laird Rule of St Benedict
Hardback , Jul '17
RRP: $41.99 $37.79
Celebrity Morals and the Loss of Religious Authority by John Portmann Celebrity Morals and the...
Paperback , Mar '21
RRP: $69.99 $69.29
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