Humanities for the Environment by Joni Adamson Humanities for the Environment
Paperback , Jun '18
RRP: $92.99 $92.06
American Babylon: Christianity and Democracy Before and After Trump by Philip S. Gorski American Babylon: Christianity...
Paperback , Apr '22
RRP: $41.99 $41.57
Sex and Gender: A Contemporary Reader by Alice Sullivan Sex and Gender: A Contemporary Reader
Paperback , Aug '23
RRP: $77.99 $77.21
Power and the Psychiatric Apparatus: Repression, Transformation and Assistance by Dave Holmes Power and the Psychiatric...
Paperback , Aug '18
RRP: $90.99 $90.08
Genocide by Adam Jones Genocide
Paperback , Dec '16
RRP: $131.00 $129.69
The Harm Reduction Gap: Helping Individuals Left Behind by Conventional Drug Prevention and Abstinence-only Addiction Treatment by Sheila P. Vakharia The Harm Reduction Gap: Helping...
Paperback , Feb '24
RRP: $37.99 $37.61
The Fight for Ethical Fashion by Philip Balsiger The Fight for Ethical Fashion
Hardback , Sep '14
RRP: $305.00 $301.95
Economic Cycles and Social Movements: Past, Present and Future by Eric Mielants Economic Cycles and Social...
Paperback , Oct '20
RRP: $75.99 $75.23
Routledge Handbook of Global Populism by Carlos de la Torre Routledge Handbook of Global Populism
Hardback , Sep '18
RRP: $462.00 $457.38
Political Advocacy and American Politics: Why People Fight So Often About Politics by Sean Richey Political Advocacy and American...
Paperback , Jan '20
RRP: $83.99 $83.15
Soldier Repatriation by Kaare Dahl Martinsen Soldier Repatriation
Hardback , Nov '13
RRP: $305.00 $301.95
Feminist Accountability: Disrupting Violence and Transforming Power by Ann Russo Feminist Accountability:...
Paperback , Dec '18
RRP: $64.99 $62.39
Security Interests in Mobile Equipment by Iwan Davies Security Interests in Mobile Equipment
Hardback , Nov '17
RRP: $231.00 $228.69
Fearing the Black Body: The Racial Origins of Fat Phobia by Sabrina Strings Fearing the Black Body: The...
Paperback , May '19
RRP: $64.99 $62.39
Social Media in Legal Practice by Vijay Bhatia Social Media in Legal Practice
Hardback , Oct '20
RRP: $242.00 $239.58
Disciplinary Futures: Sociology in Conversation with American, Ethnic, and Indigenous Studies by Nadia Y. Kim Disciplinary Futures: Sociology...
Paperback , Jun '23
RRP: $82.99 $79.67
Young People's Visions and Worries for the Future of Europe: Findings from the Europe 2038 Project by Dagmar Strohmeier Young People's Visions and...
Paperback , Mar '19
RRP: $81.99 $81.17
Crossover Stars in the Hindi Film Industry: Globalizing Pakistani Identity by Dina Khdair Crossover Stars in the Hindi...
Paperback , Jun '20
RRP: $77.99 $77.21
The Peckham Experiment PBD by Innes H. Pearse The Peckham Experiment PBD
Paperback , Feb '09
RRP: $58.99 $58.40
Understanding Words That Wound by Richard Delgado Understanding Words That Wound
Hardback , Aug '19
RRP: $252.00 $249.48
Breaking Boundaries by Val Walsh Breaking Boundaries
Paperback , Aug '96
RRP: $83.99 $83.15
Books, Bodies and Bronzes by Peggy Levitt Books, Bodies and Bronzes
Paperback , Aug '17
RRP: $58.99 $58.40
Migration, Work and Home-Making in the City: Dwelling and Belonging among Vietnamese Communities in London by Annabelle Wilkins Migration, Work and Home-Making...
Hardback , Apr '19
RRP: $273.00 $270.27
Traumatic Storytelling and Memory in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Performing Signs of Injury by Christopher J. Colvin Traumatic Storytelling and...
Hardback , Dec '18
RRP: $305.00 $301.95
Alongside Community by Debra Harkins Alongside Community
Paperback , Nov '17
RRP: $73.99 $73.25
Gender Roles in Ireland: Three Decades of Attitude Change by Margret Fine-Davis Gender Roles in Ireland:...
Paperback , Aug '16
RRP: $83.99 $83.15
Collaboration in the New Life Sciences by John N. Parker Collaboration in the New Life Sciences
Paperback , Jun '17
RRP: $98.99 $98.00
Marginalized Groups, Inequalities and the Post-War Welfare State: Whose Welfare? by Monika Baár Marginalized Groups, Inequalities...
Hardback , Oct '19
RRP: $231.00 $228.69
How Organisations Measure Success by Neil Carter How Organisations Measure Success
Hardback , Aug '17
RRP: $368.00 $364.32
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