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Reading for Life: High Quality Literacy Instruction for All by Lyn Stone Reading for Life: High Quality...
Paperback , Dec '18
RRP: $39.99 $39.59
Learning and Teaching Early Math: The Learning Trajectories Approach by Douglas H. Clements Learning and Teaching Early...
Paperback , Dec '20
RRP: $103.00 $101.97
Numeracy Across the Curriculum: Research-based strategies for enhancing teaching and learning by Merrilyn Goos Numeracy Across the Curriculum:...
Paperback , Nov '18
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RRP: $49.99 $39.99
Teaching Music Creatively by Pamela Burnard Teaching Music Creatively
Paperback , May '17
RRP: $52.99 $52.46
Differentiated Instruction by Deborah Blaz Differentiated Instruction
Paperback , Mar '16
RRP: $56.99 $56.42
A Practical Guide to Transforming Primary Mathematics by Mike Askew A Practical Guide to Transforming...
Paperback , Aug '15
RRP: $60.99 $60.38
Mathematical Curiosities by Alfred S. Posamentier Mathematical Curiosities
Paperback , Aug '14
RRP: $35.99 $34.55
A Sentence a Day by Samantha Prust A Sentence a Day
Paperback , Feb '07
RRP: $31.99 $28.79
Active Literacy Across the Curriculum by Heidi Hayes Jacobs Active Literacy Across the Curriculum
Paperback , Sep '17
RRP: $48.99 $48.50
COMPUGIRLS: How Girls of Color Find and Define Themselves in the Digital Age by Kimberly A. Scott COMPUGIRLS: How Girls of...
Paperback , Oct '21
RRP: $49.99 $47.99
Imagination for Inclusion by Derek Bland Imagination for Inclusion
Paperback , Dec '17
RRP: $90.99 $90.08
Nonlinear Pedagogy and the Athletic Skills Model: The Importance of Play in Supporting Physical Literacy by James Rudd Nonlinear Pedagogy and the...
Paperback , Jun '21
RRP: $79.99 $79.19
Bildung in the Digital Age: Exploring Bildung through Digital Media in Education by David Kergel Bildung in the Digital Age:...
Hardback , Feb '22
RRP: $252.00 $249.48
Guided Math Lessons in Fourth Grade: Getting Started by Nicki Newton Guided Math Lessons in Fourth...
Hardback , Nov '21
RRP: $252.00 $249.48
Foundational Principles of Task-Based Language Teaching by Martin East Foundational Principles of...
Paperback , Jul '21
RRP: $77.99 $77.21
A Curriculum Guide for Middle Leaders: Intent, Implementation and Impact in Practice by Richard Steward A Curriculum Guide for Middle...
Paperback , Dec '20
RRP: $39.99 $39.59
Reconsidering Context in Language Assessment: Transdisciplinary Perspectives, Social Theories, and Validity by Janna Fox Reconsidering Context in...
Hardback , Apr '22
RRP: $252.00 $249.48
EcoJustice Education: Toward Diverse, Democratic, and Sustainable Communities by Rebecca A. Martusewicz EcoJustice Education: Toward...
Paperback , Jul '20
RRP: $94.99 $94.04
Inquiry-Based Global Learning in the K-12 Social Studies Classroom by Brad M. Maguth Inquiry-Based Global Learning...
Paperback , May '20
RRP: $77.99 $77.21
Winning Online Instruction: A Q&A for Higher Education Faculty by Daniel Hillman Winning Online Instruction:...
Hardback , Mar '22
RRP: $252.00 $249.48
What is Scientific Knowledge?: An Introduction to Contemporary Epistemology of Science by Kevin McCain What is Scientific Knowledge?:...
Paperback , Jun '19
RRP: $73.99 $73.25
English Morphology for the Language Teaching Profession by Laurie Bauer English Morphology for the...
Paperback , Feb '20
RRP: $77.99 $77.21
Assessing Communication Education by William G. Christ Assessing Communication Education
Paperback , Oct '94
RRP: $48.99 $48.50
Case Studies in Language Curriculum Design by John Macalister Case Studies in Language Curriculum Design
Hardback , Mar '11
RRP: $315.00 $311.85
Arts Integration: Teaching Subject Matter through the Arts in Multicultural Settings by Merryl Goldberg Arts Integration: Teaching...
Hardback , Mar '21
RRP: $252.00 $249.48
Trailblazers for Whole School Sustainability: Case Studies of Educators in Action by Jennifer Seydel Trailblazers for Whole School...
Paperback , Dec '21
RRP: $56.99 $56.42
Maker Literacies and Maker Identities in the Digital Age: Learning and Playing Through Modes and Media by Cheryl A. McLean Maker Literacies and Maker...
Hardback , Nov '20
RRP: $252.00 $249.48
Design and Technology in the Primary School by Hind Makiya Design and Technology in the Primary School
Paperback , Jan '93
RRP: $35.99 $35.63
Influences and Inspirations in Curriculum Studies Research and Teaching: Reflections on the Origins and Legacy of Contemporary Scholarship by Carmen Shields Influences and Inspirations...
Hardback , Sep '21
RRP: $252.00 $249.48
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